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Re: WDW 2018

I will be honest, I am not sure there is a weekend entertainment. You can see everything in one day. Which is what we did. However being surrounded by Ducatis is my idea of bliss. If I do ever ride down to it, I think I would take a leisurely ...
by duke63
Yesterday, 17:22
Forum: Photos and Videos
Topic: WDW 2018
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Road Signs France

... so slow here? 'This is just for where we are right now (from Bordeaux airport to our local area which is Lacunuau Ocean where we are staying - unsure how to spell it)'. I cant speak for the rest of the country but im sure people here eg Cookie could send me the right info!! For what i have seen ...
by Rossgo
18 Jul 2018, 16:48
Forum: Biking Stuff
Topic: Road Signs France
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Re: What are you doing today ??

I've heard of people busting their nuts at work but that's ridiculous.
I'm sure you'll take it all in your strides.
by D41
18 Jul 2018, 06:40
Forum: Slapper Chat
Topic: What are you doing today ??
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Re: Talk me out of it....

Brake lines and suspension will need to be checked over. Make sure the valve clearances have been done. Give it a bounce on the brakes to make sure nothing squeaks. Check the wheel rims for damage and paint chipping
by Kwacky
15 Jul 2018, 19:26
Forum: Biking Stuff
Topic: Talk me out of it....
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Re: Weekend plans

Over to my dads tomorrow for little dudes birthday (it was yesterday and we took him the zoo)

Sunday not sure yet, theres a cherry festival we might go too, chilling out, cheering on France (I feel sick just typing that)
by Cavetroll87
13 Jul 2018, 11:22
Forum: Slapper Chat
Topic: Weekend plans
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Re: Yet another bike ...

... soften off the rebound by a few clicks. It definitely feels more compliant over ruff road surfaces. Just need take it on some local roads to make sure it's still ok when pushing on.
by rocket
12 Jul 2018, 19:56
Forum: Biking Stuff
Topic: Yet another bike ...
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Re: Pedrosa

C00kiemonster wrote:I'm sad for him. Always the bridesmaid....

I get what you mean but he's spent his working life so far traveling the world doing what he loves and being very well rewarded to the point he doesn't have to do anything else if he doesn't want to , I'm not sure he's deserving of that emotion .
by Jack
12 Jul 2018, 18:13
Forum: On the Track
Topic: Pedrosa
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Re: What you watching?

24 Hours in Police Custody.

It was about paedophiles. You can tell it was about paedos because twitter was in meltdown. One topic sure to bring out the pitchforks.
by Kwacky
10 Jul 2018, 09:28
Forum: Slapper Chat
Topic: What you watching?
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Re: What are you doing today ??

Flying to work. The only bonus is I’ll get some freaking warm weather. I so don’t do cold. I’m sure I was living in the tropics in a previous life (lol)
by kiwikrasher
10 Jul 2018, 03:55
Forum: Slapper Chat
Topic: What are you doing today ??
Replies: 10709
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Panigale V4S test ride

... a slightly rough Ducati-esque edge to it. At tickover it sounds like it got a loose bolt rumbling around in the engine. It doesn't sip fuel. Not sure what it was doing but i was told there should be enough for me but the fuel light came on well before the end of the ride. Anyway its a lovely ...
by duke63
09 Jul 2018, 19:30
Forum: Biking Stuff
Topic: Panigale V4S test ride
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Re: What did you do to your bike today ??

duke63 wrote:Took this for a blast ( however i doubt it felt like much of a blast to the bike)

**** me!

I'll do a write up later.
V4 today IMG_5130.JPG

Im sure I saw a Topic on here about a certain someone thinking he was getting too old for toys like this...…. :P :D
by Cavetroll87
09 Jul 2018, 14:21
Forum: Biking Stuff
Topic: What did you do to your bike today ??
Replies: 8041
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Re: What do you want to vent about today?

Yep im just not sure how to handle them they seem all apologetic but then go and do the similar things again. We are probably the annoying moaning neighbours. i dont want to get into tit for tat. I dont like to make any noise outside ...
by rocket
09 Jul 2018, 14:18
Forum: Slapper Chat
Topic: What do you want to vent about today?
Replies: 1977
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Re: What did you do to your bike today ??

... cant believe how some people are.... few months and it will be, ITS TOO WET,COLD bla bla bla lol..... I know I have been on the bike today for sure (giggle) 8) (devil)
by Frankie
08 Jul 2018, 21:03
Forum: Biking Stuff
Topic: What did you do to your bike today ??
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Re: Must be getting old

Mm thought as much.

I was thinking the other day why i don't have any great incentive to commute on the bike even though the weather is spot on. The Multi is a great bike but not sure commuting is its ideal place to be.
by duke63
07 Jul 2018, 14:28
Forum: Biking Stuff
Topic: Must be getting old
Replies: 48
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Re: Brexit Round 2

You think he's Pro-Remain and pro-EU?

I must have missed the bits when he's done all he can to stop it.

And I'm pretty sure Labour said they were going to back the referendum vote in the last general election.
by Kwacky
05 Jul 2018, 15:32
Forum: Slapper Chat
Topic: Brexit Round 2
Replies: 825
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Re: Snitches get stitches

Don't the overhead cameras on motorways now catch people using lanes they should not? I'm sure I read recently that driving under a Red Cross on the overhead cameras will now trigger the camera.
by duke63
03 Jul 2018, 20:48
Forum: Biking Stuff
Topic: Snitches get stitches
Replies: 20
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Re: Chain Cleaning

... the white disposable gloves are out, Blue Nitrile are okay and cheap to get from motor factors or online. £3.96 for a box of 100 here but I'm not sure what they charge for postage.
by Stonesie
03 Jul 2018, 11:44
Forum: Pit Monkeys
Topic: Chain Cleaning
Replies: 15
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Re: Reasons not to go to Australia, part 24753


Although it’s a dingo, not a dog and I’m pretty sure those snakes are doing the opposite to fighting!! (lol)
by kiwikrasher
02 Jul 2018, 15:08
Forum: Slapper Chat
Topic: Reasons not to go to Australia, part 24753
Replies: 119
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Re: Pitty

All done mate! I like the idea of DVD haha, im sure hed take it in good spirits!
by Cavetroll87
28 Jun 2018, 14:06
Forum: Slapper Chat
Topic: Pitty
Replies: 41
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Re: Speeding charges dropped against 4 bikers

... might be perfectly safe if all other traffic was travelling at the speed limit but not so if traffic was travelling at double the speed limit. I'm sure any of us would be baying for blood if a friend or relative were mown down by a vehicle going at double the speed limit. Its precisely why there ...
by duke63
28 Jun 2018, 09:47
Forum: Biking Stuff
Topic: Speeding charges dropped against 4 bikers
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